And What is More Generous Than a Window?

Collection of found, excavated, and fabricated objects in response to three houses in the city of Providence, RI. Each house was visited in person and some work was made on site.

Bronze cast doorknobs, upholstery foam, found fabric, found wood, hand-carved ash wood chair legs, hand-made ash wood frames and taffeta screen, plaster, plasticine, lithographic crayon on paper, wax crayon on paper, inkjet print on paper. 2015

Your House Holds Me Like a Hand Cups a Moth

Steel, ash wood, graphite rubbings of floorboards on silk. 2015

Monument for the Premiere Avon Sales Representative of the Bronx

Steel, steel wire, aluminum. 2014

My House Will Have a Roof

21 bricks cast from plaster and letters to the artist's mother made as part of a performative installation. 2014