no hay palabras

there are no words

 No Hay Palabras / There Are No Words is a bilingual personal narrative that navigates the confusion and beauty that comes from feeling in one language and speaking in another. The audio component of No Hay Palabaras uses the qualities of incomplete, distorted, and translated language as poetic devices to construct a five-chapter, sound-rich, audio chapbook, while the visual components fill the gaps that language can’t touch. This work hopes to make sense of the physical landscape and personal relationships that make up my family’s history in Puerto Rico. No Hay Palabras is to make its debut as an audio/visual installation environment and to be distributed over web and broadcast platforms. This is a work in progress to be completed mid-2019.

Tenderness, rebirth, and resilience on a farm in the hills of Lajas, Puerto Rico. Featuring Henry Córdova, a farmer raising goats and dairy cows. This work aired on the Early Spring episode of BBC 4’s Short Cuts.