I am an artist of Puerto Rican descent working across sculpture, installation, narrative audio, and print media. My practice investigates the impact of geography, architecture, and infrastructure on individual and collective experience. 

I make objects, build environments, and tell stories to change viewers' relationships to the real-world structures from which my work originates. I work to reveal the landscape and built environments as sites of expression and experimentation while also recognizing and challenging geographic, social, and political boundaries. I believe that it is possible to be in reciprocal conversation with the our surroundings and to create a porous, malleable, and generous experience of the places we inhabit.

My work often takes me to sites of transition and development: the vague terrain of construction sites, the shadowy underpasses beneath highway systems that divide my city, the fallen power lines destroyed by tropical winds in my father’s home town. I respond to what is there and to what is becoming. I see everything in my environment as potentially malleable but also possessing its own agency. The spaces I encounter are my primary media, and I use simple, accessible material processes for their transformation. I cast modular building units from cardboard molds to produce parts that coalesce into larger works or interface with existing architecture. With light and sound, I affect sensitive, decaying, or protected spaces without touching them. I collect and amplify narratives, histories, and soundscapes from within the radius of my site of inquiry. Through repeated engagement with my surroundings, I work toward a collaborative dialog that responds to each place’s existing qualities, systems, memory, and imagination.