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Audio: Places

Night Rider revisits my childhood self in the slightly altered gravity of a lone car on a barren stretch of road. We hear what fills a child's mind on what seems like a deep space journey as the night leaks in and the stars dissolve. This work aired on Short Cuts on BBC 4.

On the Street, We Break Bread (Short): follows the stories of disabled veterans with the license to vend general merchandise in New York City's Times Square. Produced for the 2017 KCRW Radio Race. 

To the Moon and Back for Now Here This Audio: What happens when a whole neighborhood gazes skyward? Interviews conducted by Eloise Sherrid, edited and mixed by Ariana Martinez. Music: Endless Story About Sun and Moon by Kai Engel under an Attribution-NonCommercial License. Listen here. 

Reverberations for Now Here This Audio: The Fort Adams “listening tunnels” serve to remind us that we respond to this fear the only way we know how: by creating something equally unfathomable, dark, and deep with which to fight it. Listen here.